Kai Feng

Kai Feng is a PhD candidate in Demography and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania with research interests in social demography, aging, gender, work & family, social stratification, and environment-population dynamics. His research adopts a quantitative approach, with a strong emphasis on demographic and cross-national comparative perspectives. His primary research goal is to enhance our understanding of the interaction between demographic transition, social changes, and inequalities in under-researched, rapidly evolving contexts. For his dissertation, he is examining the “Gender Equity Paradox” in developing contexts. Kai has been recognized for his research with the Best Graduate Student Paper Award from the sections of Aging and Life Course, Sociology of Population (Honorable Mention), Asia and Asian America (Honorable Mention), and Sociology of Development (Honorable Mention) of the ASA, as well as the Nan Lin Graduate Student Paper Award from the ICSA. He has also served as a fellow at UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report. Kai is the recipient of the Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching and has teaching interests in demographic methods, population and environment, aging and health, social stratification, and statistics.

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